The Trustees and Director

Sarah Pitt

Charity Director

I have a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology and am a member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy), the BPS (British Psychological Society) and the HCPC (Health Care Professionals Council). I therefore work within the necessary ethical codes outlined by these organisations.

I have experience working in both private and NHS settings with a full range of mental health issues; these include, amongst others, trauma, OCD, depression, abuse, child loss, eating disorders, dissociation, panic and anxiety. I also have specialist training working with children and young people.

When appropriate I enjoy using creative and artistic methods with clients to compliment the range of relational approaches usually used in psychotherapy.

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The Trustees

I work for secondary mental health services and know how important it is to get the right help in a timely fashion. I also volunteer as a befriender at the BRI on adult wards. I enjoy walking and learning more about birds and bird behaviour. I am interested in the arts and hope soon to get back in the practice of creating my own art. I am a trustee to support a charity whose ethos reflects my own values of compassionate humanity.


The Trustees

I joined the Maybe team through personal interest and my own experience of mental health issues. In my experience the NHS mental healthcare is often overstretched and underfunded, failing to meet the needs of those who need it the most. Maybe Southwest is an opportunity where I can be part of the answer for others who need support. I am proud to be part of an organisation that aims to help those in need, who are unable to access the NHS mental healthcare system and are unable to fund therapist support on their own.


The Trustees

I joined the Board of Trustees in 2021. My background is in journalism and PR working for the BBC and ITN. I hope to bring those skills to Maybe, when needed, and support the amazing work they do filling the gaps in mental health support in Bristol.

Marie-Claire Fitzpatrick

The Trustees

I have a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology and am a member of the British Psychological Society.

I have experience working in NHS-funded services and private practice. I am also an affiliate therapist with a local university supporting students as they travel through the education process. I have experience of working with people of all ages in a wide range of settings that include hospitals, schools and universities. I have had the privilege of working with clients who have experienced many different types of distress including trauma, loss, anxiety, low mood, OCD and relational issues.

I passionately believe that access to psychological support should be available to anyone who is in need, regardless of financial status. Maybe Southwest aims to respond to this need when other resources are not readily available