Therapy Styles

At your assessment we will ask you about what you feel you want to change in your life and what experiences you may have already had of therapy.  We do this to try and find the style of therapy that suits your needs best.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

CBT is a structured form of therapy which aims to link thoughts, feelings and behaviours. By doing this we may be able to change our behaviour and have greater control over the effects of our emotions.

Relational Therapy

Relational therapy has a number of different forms. In each form it uses the relationship between you  and your therapist to help you explore problems and seek solutions.

Integrative Therapy

Integrative therapy is often used by therapists who want to combine the benefits of both CBT and relational styles of therapy. Depending on your aims and the way in which you are comfortable working, you and your therapist can decide which style of therapy will best suit you.